Why Should You Consider Dynamic Balancing?

  • Unbalance is caused by an effective displacement of the mass centre line from its true axis caused by some eccentricity of the mass in the unit. Balancing is the process of adding or removing weight to move the mass centreline as close to the true axis as possible.
  • Dynamic balancing works by sensors measuring 2 independent planes and a computer identifying the imbalance in both planes, showing where the compensatory weight needs to be applied or removed.
  • Balancing today can save a lot of cost & downtime tomorrow with breakdowns that could have been prevented
  • It will increase your machine’s running lifespan by elongating bearing life and reducing component fatigue due to unnecessary vibration levels
  • Keeps your machinery up to date, running in accordance with industry regulations
  • Dynamic balancing also reduces noise levels for an improved working environment.

What Happens if You Don’t?

  • Unbalanced rotors cannot rotate their mass smoothly around the centre axis. The centrifugal force causes the rotor to vibrate.
  • This damages the bearings, causes part degradation, uneven finishes, and creates overly noisy machinery.
  • Eventually the machine will suffer a major mechanical failure with all the associated problems of unplanned downtime to production and possible health and safety implications when it fails.

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