Balancing machine calibration


Its that time of year again. Time for our CEMB Hofmann dynamic balancing machine calibration & annual service. A very reliable machine, it has enabled us to provide a fully encompassing and reliable dynamic balancing service to our existing customers and to also acquire a large number of new ones. Throughout the past year we […]

Flail dynamic balancing

Flail Balancing

We had a new customer contact us recently with a flail dynamic balancing requirement. They were a company that processed straw into animal bedding and periodically had to repair the flails from their machinery as they literally took quite a battering. These would have the arms repaired by the customer and welded and subsequently needed […]

Dynamic Balancing Machine

Dynamic Balancing Machine

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering dynamic balancing in-house, with our new CEMB Hofmann industrial dynamic balancing machine. We have extensive knowledge of rotating equipment but have previously outsourced our dynamic balancing requirements. We have now taken the decision to bring this in-house so we can offer the best service not […]