Flail Balancing

We had a new customer contact us recently with a flail dynamic balancing requirement. They were a company that processed straw into animal bedding and periodically had to repair the flails from their machinery as they literally took quite a battering. These would have the arms repaired by the customer and welded and subsequently needed dynamic balancing. Their current balancer had let them down due to slow turnaround so we were asked to step in and help. Upon receipt of the flails we carried out the balancing to G6.3 as required and all items were ready for collection the following day.

Another good example of the rapid service we continually provide to all our customers with our CEMB Hoffman dynamic balancing machine. Peace of mind from one of the leading manufacturers in balancing equipment combined with our industry leading service.

Not only can we support you with flail dynamic balancing but we also balance rotors, fans, flywheels & rollers. These can be balanced to your requirements to G6.3, G2.5, G1.0 or G0.4. We also carry out batch work for pump & fan manufacturers as well as one offs for end users.

Our balancing department complements the rest of our business very well as we are also a one-stop-shop for all of your engineering supply and repair requirements for pumps, motors, gearboxes, inverters & fans.



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