Dynamic Balancing Apprentice

Dynamic balancing apprentice.

Here’s one of our engineering apprentices Luke looking pleased with himself after balancing a multi-vane fan impeller.

This impeller was from a batch of 16 from one of our OEM customers. Luke set the impeller up in our CEMB Hofmann Z750 machine and balanced it to a grade of G6.3 as requested by the customer.

Having a batch of identical impellers is always helpful when it comes to learning on a machine such as this as it enables the apprentice to perfect his skills before moving onto another application where an impeller may need to be balanced differently. For example the next job he encounters may require the impeller to be overhanging the left pedestal instead of sitting between both of them. It may be a single or twin plane balance depending upon the impeller dimensions and if there is no back plate it may require a vectoral split program.

Following his stint in the balancing department, Luke will then go on to assist the site team & our pump repair department. He enjoys being a dynamic balancing apprentice but also likes the variety of all the other areas of engineering that he gets to experience on a daily basis working at Webb-Elec Ltd.

If you find this article interesting you or you have a requirement for dynamic balancing then get in touch. We balance rotors, flails, impellers for fans & pumps, rollers and drums. We balance batches and also one-offs on urgent same day service. In fact, if it rotates then we balance it!

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